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Introduction to The 4th Advanced Seminar on TCM Education in Asian Region
2013-06-27 16:43 国际教育学院  审核人:

Introduction to

The 4thAdvanced Seminar on TCM Education in Asian Region

I. Applicants Qualification:

Teachers,experts or scholars with educational background on Traditional Medicine specialty, bachelor’s degree or above,engaged in basis, clinical teaching or research of Traditional Medicine in college or institutes.

II. Competitive Election: The applicants should be healthy and not exceed 50 years old in principle without gender limit.

III. Language of Instruction and Working: Chinese

IV. Training Goal:

It aims at training the teachers in higher education of TCM and senior TCM personnel. This seminar will serve as a platform for the exchanges of Traditional Medicine. The participants will learn about the achievements of TCM education in China through the study, review and discussion. Through the training, the participants may acquire the knowledge and deepen the understanding and establish a stable communication channel, which is beneficial to enhance the friendship between China and Asian countries in the region, to develop exchanges and cooperation in the TCM education, joint education, theme training and etc., to speed up the traditional medicine industry (education, research, pharmaceutical and health care) in the process of internationalization.

V. Training Contents:

The training mainly consists of TCM theoretical study, culture lectures, TCM standardization, class observation, TCM cultural experience, visit to clinical teaching center and TCM enterprise, discussion, seminars and etc.

1. Introduction to the development and current status of TCM education in China, education scope, education pattern, educational achievements and international strategic thinking of TCM education, status analysis, TCM standardization and etc. by educational experts of TCM.

2. Lectures on TCM and its culture given by well-known TCM experts; TCM class and clinical skills observation.

3. TCM cultural exchange by visiting TCM hospitals, TCM institutes, modern TCM pharmaceutical factories to understand and experience the operation mechanism and management pattern of TCM, as well as the role, status and market prospects of TCM in public health.

4. Discussion on the situation and development of Traditional Medicine education and teaching with TCM educators and administrators.

Each participant is supposed to prepare a special report based on the conditions of Traditional Medicine education in his/her home nation before the training and a study summary before the end of the training.

VI. Duration: Sep. 8, 2013 to Sep. 19, 2013

VII. Training Venue: Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, P.R. China





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