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The 2nd Seminar on Research and Development of Medicinal Plantsfor TUTCM & UoG
2013-06-27 16:27 国际教育学院  审核人:

The 2ndSeminar onResearch and Development of

Medicinal Plantsfor TUTCM & UoG

I. Participants:

1. professional staff with master degree or above, majoring in pharmaceutics, pharmacology, medicinal botany, phytochemical or medical science, and with pharmaceutical knowledge & practice experience. The participants are expected to conduct research and development in medicinal plants or related fields in UoG.

2. The official with bachelor degree of pharmacy or above who are engaged in pharmaceutical administration in University of Ghana.

II. Working Language: English

III. Date: Nov. 07, 2012 to Nov. 11, 2012

IV. Place: University of Ghana, Ghana

V. Content: The content of this seminar includes two parts: the special seminar on research and development of medicinal plants & the public lecture on research of medicinal plants. Experts of TUTCM and UoG will give the lectures cooperatively.

1. The special seminar on research and development of medicinal plants

(1) The content involved research fields of developing medicinal plants in Ghana, basic train of thought about research and development of new drugs, research on activity ingredients in natural drugs, etc.

(2) Visiting University of Ghana, Noguchi Memorial Institution for Medical Research, Center for Scientific Research in Plant Medicines, to understand research situation and experiment condition of medicinal plants, and then provide proper technological guidance, software and hardware support on target.

(3) Experts and scholars on medicinal plants of these two universities will have an informal discussion about the situation and development of traditional medicine in China and Ghana.

(4) Both parties will discussing the feasibility of cooperating projects, and then drawing up the cooperation project, personnel training and exchange programme.

2. The public lecture on research of medicinal plants

We invite experts with abundant teaching experiences in medicinal plants of TCM Research Insititution and College of Chinese Materia Medica in TUTCM to give lectures to undergraduate and postgraduate students who major in relevant special field. We will arrange the content of lectures basing on the requirement of the students, to promote academic exchange. The purpose of the opening lecture is to increase students’ knowledge, broaden their views and provide studying guidance.





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