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Zhou Zhi-huan, female, born on July 31, 1977, serves as an associate professor and master tutor, and as Head of Teaching and Research Section on Formulas of TCM under TUTCM; In 2006, graduated from Tianjin University of TCM with a Doctor Degree in Internal Medicine of TCM; mainly engages in the teaching and research of Formulas of TCM at Tianjin University of TCM; has acted as a person in charge of the project of Study on brain mechanism of Jiaotai Pill Treating Depression Patients by Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China; has been involved in the project of Study on Compatibility Rule of Effective TCM Prescriptions Treating Heart Diseases funded by National "973" Plan of China, the projects of Study on the Function and Signal Transduction Mechanism of Anticoagulant Injury Endothelial Cells through the Compatibility of Danphenolic Acid/Danshinone and Study on the Antidepressant Mechanism of Jiaotai Pill based on cAMP and cGMP Signal Pathway Funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China, and other projects. In 2013, was appraised as a supporting member of Tianjin Excellent Young Teachers Funding Scheme and has participated in the compilation of many books such as Formulas of TCM as a planned textbook during the 12th Five-Year Plan and the 13th Five-Year Plan. Furthermore, has published dozens of academic


Main Research Orientation

1. Study on the compatibility of prescriptions

(1) The Construction of Ancient Palpitation Prescriptions Database and the Analysis of the Compatibility law in the Prescriptions; China Journal of Chinese Medicine, 2006: Issue 1, pp. 105-108.

(2) Analysis of compatibility regularity of ancient prescriptions in treating depression based on association rules, Tianjin Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 2015: Issue 03, pp 176-179.

(3) Study on Compatibility Law of ancient TCM Prescriptions treating chest stuffiness and pains. China Journal of Chinese Medicine, 2014: Issue 04, pp 610-611.

(4) Study on the application of prescription database and data mining [J], Shandong Journal of TCM, 2013, Issue 10, pp768-770.

2. Study on the treatment of depression patients with traditional Chinese medicine

(1) Analysis of Compatibility Law of TCM Drugs in Treating Depression Patients based on the Association Rules, Tianjin Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 2015: Issue 02, pp 117-120.

(2) Review of Clinical and Pharmacological Study about Jiaotai Pill, Tianjin Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 2014: Issue 03, pp190-192.

(3) Application Study of Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fmri)Technology in the Evaluation of Curative Effects of Depression Patients[J], Tianjin Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 2014: Issue 04, pp251-253.

Main Teaching Experience in Recent Years:

(1) Degree course of Formulas of TCM, 5 class hours per week, for a total of 341 students for the three sessions.

(2) Formulas of TCM for international students, 7 class hours per week, with a total of 56 students for the two sessions.

(3) Degree course of Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine, 6 class hours per week, for a total of 165 students for the two sessions.

(4) Elective courses of Study on Decreasing or Increasing Components of Famous Doctors’ Prescriptions, 2 class hours per week, for a total of 82 students.

(5) Elective courses of Clinical Application of Common Chinese Patent Drugs, 2 class hours per week, for a total of 98 students.

(6) In 2017, invited to Thailand , taught the course of Formulas of TCM, with a total of 78 class hours.

Main Courses Taught:

Formulas of TCM

Study on Decreasing or Increasing Components of Famous Doctors’ Prescriptions

Clinical Application of Common Chinese Patent Drugs


Resume in English version

ZhouZhi-huan, female, born on July.31.1977, working as a associate professor in Formulas of TCM and the tutor of Master Degree student both in Formulas of TCM

Brief background

In 2006, graduated from Tianjin University of TCM with Doctor Degree of Chinese Internal Medicine, and working as a teacher in Tianjin University of TCM, from 2010 till now, working as a Associate professor in the TCM department of Tianjin University of TCM for the education of both Chinese and foreign students, also engage in clinical work and scientific research.

Academic Qualifications

Sep 2003 to July 2006 Ph.D., in Medicine of TCM, Tianjin University of TCM,China
Sep.2000 to July 2003 M.Sc., in Medicine of TCM, Henan College of TCM, China
Sep.1995 to July.2000 B.Sc., in Medicine of TCM, Henan College of TCM, China

Professional Qualifications

2010 Associated Professor in TCM, Tianjin China

2006 Lecturer in TCM, Tianjin China

Main Academic Works in TCM

1. Funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China: Study of brain mechanism of Jiaotai pill treating on depression by functional magnetic resonance imaging(NO. 81503390)

2. Funded by National "973" Plan of China: Study on compatibilityregularity of ancient TCM prescriptions treating on heart diseases (NO. 2012CB518401)

3. Funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China: Study on the antidepressant mechanism of Jiaotai pill based on cAMP and cGMP signal Pathway(NO.81273893)

4. Funded by Education Commission of Tianjin, Research and practice of curriculum evaluation and evaluation system of formulas of TCM based on knowledge and ability

5. Funded by Tianjin University of TCM, Study on the reform of PBL teaching mode in the course of formulas of TCM

Clinical Experiences

07/2006- present As a doctor, Clinic of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Major in Internal medicine of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Key Courses for Foreign Students

Formulas of TCM

Selected Publications
1.Thirteenth Five-Year Plan Textbooks for Colleges and Universities, Formulas of Traditional Chinese Medicine, People’s Medical Publishing House, 2016.8 editorial board member
2. Twentieth Five-Year Plan Textbooks for Colleges and Universities, Formulas of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese Press of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 2012.12 editorial board member
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10. ZHOU Zhi-huan, WANG Xiu-yun, ZHONG Pei-ru, et al. Effects of Ginsenoside Rg1 on the proliferation of neural stem cells cultured in votro. Chinese Journal of Information on Traditonal Chinese Medicine, 2010,02:28-30.
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