Scale and Structure

The scale of students and the structure of students


Approved by the State Education Commission of PRC in 1992, Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine has become the only TCM university with the brand of international university of TCM. TUTCM recruits undergraduates, master degree candidates, doctoral candidates, students for advanced studies and Chinese language trainees around the world.  TUTCM is a director-level unit of The National Chinese Medicine Teaching Advisory Board under the Ministry of Education, a director-level unit of the Educational Instruction Committee of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, the foreign aid base designated by the State Education Ministry, the International Cooperation Base of Traditional Chinese Medicine designated by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the national-level international joint research center designated by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Furthermore, TUTCM enjoys a high reputation in the world.


In recent years, the International Education College has steadily increased the size of international students and consistently ranks among the best in Chinese medicine colleges and universities across the country. In the recent five years (2012-2016), a total of 11,632 international students from 68 countries and regions have studied at TUTCM. Of them, there are 5278 students studying for academic diplomas and 6354 non-academic students. TUTCM has actively cooperated with 82 well-known institutions and relevant agencies in 56 countries including Russia, the United States, Britain and Australia and has signed more than 100 agreements on education, scientific research, medical treatment and so on. Relying on the State-level International Cooperation Base for Traditional Chinese Medicine, TUTCM has held the 6 sessions of Workshop for Advanced Teachers of TCM in Asian Region under the State Education Ministry, and 5 sessions of Advanced Workshop on Acupuncture and Moxibustion for African Western Physicians under the foreign Aid program of the State Education Ministry, completed the first three-year plan of China-Africa Higher Education Institutions 20+20 Cooperation Plan" under the State Education Ministry, and cultivated a total of more than 200 experts and scholars from over countries in Asian and African regions.


International Education Situation of TUTCM in Recent 5 Years



In terms of the structure of students admitted, the international students of TUTCM cover undergraduates, postgraduates, short-term students for advanced studies and so on. Over the last three years, the enrollment of students at all levels is shown below: